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Q. The term Seingnorage refers to -
1) Intrinsic value of currency notes less the cost of production
2) Cost of production of currency notes less intrinsic value
3) Domestic currency value less foreign currency value
4) Inflation adjusted currency value

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Q. Husband and wife jointly borrowed a home loan in the ratio of 50 : 50. Wife enjoys full ownership of the house. Each can avail income tax rebate in the ratio of -
1) Ownership
2) Borrowing
3) Any one, at the borrower's discretion
4) The respective assessee's income

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Q. A substantial increase in capital expenditure or revenue deficit leads to ...........
1) Budgetary Deficit
2) Fiscal Deficit
3) Primary Deficit
4) Revenue Deficit

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Q. What effect will a decrease in demand and an increase in supply have on equilibrium price?
1) Equilibrium price will fall
2) Equilibrium price will rise
3) Equilibrium price will be constant
4) Sometimes price will rise and sometimes it will fall

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Q. The Public Financial Management System (PFMS) is a web-based online software application designed, developed, owned and implemented by the -
1) Department of Financial Services
2) Institute of Government Accounts and Finance
3) Controller General of Accounts
4) National Institute of Financial Management

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Q. Which one of the following countries is not a founding member of the New Development Bank?
1) Brazil
2) Canada
3) Russia
4) India

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Q. Who among the following in his book "The Managerial Revolution" argued that a managerial class dominated all industrial societies, both capitalist and communist, by virtue of its technical and scientific knowledge and its administrative skills?
1) James Burnham
2) Robert Michels
3) Gaetano Mosea
4) Vilfredo Pareto

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Q. Indexation is a method whose use can be associated with which one of the following?
1) Controlling inflation
2) Nominal GDP estimation
3) Measurement of savings rate
4) Fixing of wage compensation

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Q. The working of the price mechanism in a free-market economy refers to which one of the following?
1) The interplay of the forces of demand and supply
2) Determination of the inflation rate in the economy
3) Determination of the economy's propensity to consume
4) Determination of the economy's full employment output

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Q. Which one of the following equals Personal Disposable Income?
1) Personal Income-Direct taxes paid by households and miscellaneous fees, fines, etc.
2) Private Income-Saving of Private Corporate Sectors-Cor- portion Tax
3) Private Income - Taxes
4) Total expenditure of House-holds-Income Tax-Gifts received

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